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10 Hidden Spring Spots on Campus!

May 7, 2014

Spring has officially sprung in Seattle! For times of relaxation and lounging, what are your favorite spots around campus? The Quad is a favorite for those who like to lie under the trees, play frisbee, have a picnic, or enjoy a book. But there’s plenty more beauty that the UW campus has to offer. Here are just a few lesser known spots around campus:

  • Portage Bay Vista



Located between Hitchcock Hall and William H. Foege Hall, Portage Bay Vista is an effervescent location that looks directly at Lake Washington. Surrounded by UW buildings, the vista is abundant with nature, sprawling a long grass field with a large synthetic tree trunk. Enjoy a gorgeous view  with company or while having a solo snack. Pretend to be Rose and Jack with your significant other as you stand inside the bench of the tree trunk and feel like you’re on top of the world!

  • Sakuma Point



Located near the Agua Verde restaurant on Boat Avenue (which has some darn good tacos), and looking over Lake Washington, Sakuma Point is a spectacular place to enjoy some food with great company. Picnic tables and benches are in no shortage in this area as you’ll be able to sit and enjoy the sparkling water. From time to time, you will see kayakers and boarders taking advantage of the lake. As an avid people watcher, this is one of my favorite spots.  The area doesn’t have a shortage of ducks hanging around either!

  • Beach by San Juan Road



Didn’t think there was a mini beach on campus, did you? By San Juan Road, there is an adorable beach where you can relax under the shade provided by the grand trees surrounding the area or under the sun. Skip rocks on the water, duck watch, and listen to the sounds of the waves.

  • Oceanography Dock



The oceanography dock is an ideal place for a picnic! Sit down, lounge, and pretend you’re Skipper from Gilligan’s Island! Feel like a supermodel when you’re on the oceanography dock by strutting your stuff down the long walkway.

  • Salmon Homing Pond area




This alluring area is right by the Salmon Homing Pond. Enjoy this gorgeous mini park by the water while smelling the beautiful lavender bushes.

  • Connibear Shellhouse area



Enjoy the beautiful skies and glistening water as you sit on the three docks located by the IMA fields. This is a great place to relax and devour that post-workout protein shake after an intense workout at the gym.

  • Molecular Engineering and Sciences Building and Johnson Building Plaza



Green shrubs everywhere. Juxtaposed against modern architecture, you appreciate the nature far more.

  • Sylvan Grove Theater



I was first introduced to this area during my freshmen orientation, but didn’t frequent it much throughout the school year. Going back, I was mesmerized by the beautiful green landscapes and small hills. A truly great place for a picnic, chat with friends, lounge, homework session or quick nap! The beautiful pillars add a nice sense of history to the area.

  • Medicinal Herb Garden



I had never been to the medicinal herb garden prior to discovering new places around campus. Located right across from the University’s Greenhouse, the herb garden is a small, intimate, and aromatic area to meditate. A calming area, this can be an ideal spot for reading or philosophizing the world’s most complicated concepts.

  • Mark McDermott Plaza



Between the Physics Astronomy buildings, this plaza has an elevated look of Lake Washington. With the planetarium and pendulum within walking distance of the plaza, this place is an ideal spot for meeting friends or taking visitors.

Did your favorite hot spot make it on the list? If not, tell us about yours!




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  1. May 21, 2014 3:20 pm

    Thanks for sharing those spots ! There’s a secret place I really like. Inside the Henry Art Gallery, there is a work by James Turrell on the left once you are in the gallery. You have to go outside to get in the ‘Skyspace’. Very peaceful.

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