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PHOTO ESSAY: Celebrating Turrell’s Skyspace at the Henry

July 23, 2013

[Photo by Ilona Idlis]

The color-shifting Light Reign exhibit at the Henry Art Gallery turns 10 years old this July! To celebrate the decennial anniversary of creator James Turrell‘s beloved Skyspace, the Henry threw the permanent installation a birthday party, complete with cake, music and silly hats. The Friday soiree and its many activities–poetry readings, lectures, film screenings and craft workshops–drew over a hundred guests to the gallery. Check out all the smiles and festivities below!

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

The majority of the festivities took place in the courtyard below the Skyspace. Over a hundred guests congregated in the space throughout the night for food, drinks and music.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

Guests were treated to a “Happy Birthday Light Reign” cake and plenty of ice cream.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

Party goers line up for a bit of celebratory dessert.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

In true birthday spirit, guests made colorful party hats in the courtyard’s crafts area.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

Light Reign‘s interior doubled as a performance space for the evening, with multiple poetry readings of Alilem Randel’s work.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

Audience members were asked to take an active part in the poem and read snippets of the prose off of a geodesic paper dome.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

The geodesic poems also doubled as party hats for some of the guests.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

The Test Site room on the upper level of the Henry hosted a “Light-in-a-jar Workshop” with Ned Konz of Jigsaw Renaissance, a tech-centered “learning and making community.” 

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

The workshop invited guests were to create their own uniquely lit jars with colored glass, foil and shimmery streamers.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

The final “Light-in-a-jar” product becomes illuminated when the solar panel atop the LED senses darker conditions.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

Geoff Boynton, UW Associate Professor of Psychology, gave a lecture on the idiosyncrasies of human vision and cognition in the Henry Auditorium.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

The Henry’s galleries stayed open til 9:00 p.m. for the special occasion.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

The Henry’s Microsoft Gallery was dedicated to the history of Light Reign. The exhibit included construction photos, a miniature model of the Skyspace and a looping documentary about creator James Turrell.

[Photo by Ilona Idlis.]

Party goers check out the celebrated Skyspace.

All photos are by Ilona Idlis.

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