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Top 5 Best Cafes on Campus

May 30, 2013

Trying to find the perfect cafe location on campus for you and your friends? Well, your “Central Perk” can be found just around the corner!

5. Suzzallo Espresso

Suzzalo banner

We start off at the Suzzallo Espresso & Market located in the beautiful and historic Suzzallo Library. Grab a snack in this hot spot where grads, undergrads, and professors intermingle at the many tables. This cafe is a prime for meet-and-greets with fellow peers, a study area for those that can handle the higher noise levels and for excellent people watching.

Pro: Easy access to the library!

Con: Always busy!

4. Husky Grind

District Market

Conveniently located inside Alder Hall’s District Market, the Husky Grind gives students the luxury of a full cafe with espresso and even desserts. With a bus stop right outside it,  sitting comfortably while waiting for your ride is a nice bonus to the Husky Grind’s location. However, drinks made by students have their perks and faults. Will it be the best tasting coffee you’ve ever had? Probably not, but the wonderfully cheery customer service from a fellow Husky is all worth it!

Pro: Food from the District Market grocery store! Easy access to the bus stops!

Con: Compared to all the cafes/espressos on campus, the taste of the drinks here are lacking!

3. Orin’s Place

Orin's place no layers

Don’t be intimidated by the students in business suits, Orin’s Place is well worth it for its cup of coffee! Placed at the heart of a beautiful, new, modern building, Paccar, Orin’s Place is a great option to grab some Starbucks on your way to classes.  Students frequent this bustling area daily so it can be difficult to find seating. Besides that though, the contemporary and business-like atmosphere of the place can be refreshing compared to the more laid back,  informal style of other cafes on campus.

Pro: Starbucks! It’s also the only place on campus with a cooked to order menu on rotation.

Con: If you’re looking for a place with less hustle and bustle, Orin’s might not be for you.

2. Burke Museum Cafe

burke banner

If you’re searching for the perfect quiet study spot, the Burke cafe, located on the side entrance of the museum, may be just the place for you– especially during finals week! Visited  mostly by Burke Museum members and graduate students, the cafe isn’t as popular as others on campus. However, the gorgeous interior and delicious snacks will get you hooked! The eatery is definitely underappreciated, so you should give it a chance!

Pro: Gorgeous interior!

Con: If you want to be surrounded by undergrads, the Burke Cafe  might not be for you.

1. Parnassus

Parnassus no layers

Oh, Parnassus. I always speak highly of this eclectic and unique haven that saves me from the stresses of fast-paced university life. What separates Parnassus from other cafes is its use of “exclusively organic, shade-grown, Fair Trade certified coffees from Fidalgo Bay Coffee Roasters,” as well as its diverse background music. Located in the basement floor of the Art Building, the cafe often hosts during evening hours, like open mic and poetry readings. The vibe is definitely different from other cafes on campus, but coming  from Vancouver, WA where I loved frequenting Portland cafes on the weekends– the feel of Parnassus tastes a little like home. Best part? You don’t need to be artsy to hang out in this creative space. I’m a Political Science major and I practically lived here all of Autumn quarter!

Pro: All majors are welcome!

Con: None.

Check out other campus cafes and espressos here.

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