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Becoming an English Major

March 1, 2013

As of Winter quarter, I am officially a declared English major.

Although I am a freshman, I immediately knew that I wanted to study English. I was always fascinated with how effortlessly words could paint elaborate mental pictures and expand my imagination. Now I will have the chance to enhance my creative writing ability and read novels that have dramatically impacted society. I want to use fictional stories and devices to bring forth greater societal awareness on issues. My ultimate goal is to become a novelist and deepen the minds of my readers, while providing new sights and perspectives.

I am currently writing a short story for my creative writing class that incorporates religion and science fiction elements. By practicing short story writing, I have the opportunity to put my writing skills to use, and vividly describe characters, scenery, and make my thoughts come to life on paper.

This is a  scene from my short story:


“Light illuminates the darkness. It purifies the land and provides a remedy for madness. It cures men of their sickness. It washes down their pride and prevails. Light, my friends, is our ally and darkness our enemy.”

A slender figure with dark prominent features and black clothing stands tall with the light shining distinctly behind him. He proudly recites a speech, carefully constructing his words, and smiling at his company. A round nose hovers over his long face and obscures the rest of his features. A cricked smile lay flat on his lips. He lets out a timid laugh and extends his hands to the emerging crowd.
“A scientific revolution is upon us my brethren! It will cultivate our minds and strengthen our bodies. We will live my comrades. We will live in peace.”
His eyes gleam with the highest of satisfactions. He takes in every word and relishes in the multitude of faces.
“I am here my friends. The reward is near us and it is free for anyone’s taking. I am the sole alpha, the beginning and continuous life. For anyone who believes shall never be alone.”
The masses cling to his words. Their hands rise in unison, creating a perfect collection of bowing heads. Their knees collapse to the ground. Their golden savior has arrived. He brings glory, enlightenment, and life.
He delights in their repentance, their willingness to accept, and further extend the word of righteousness.
“They are mine,” he laughs under his icy breath.
The hills extend beyond the horizon. The once streaming sun escapes; it finds shelter in the thickening clouds, and returns to its peaceful slumber. The trees grow weary in the empty fields. They swing back and forth ferociously without inclination. The countless bodies march simultaneously in one direction under the moonlight. Their hands move in sync with one another and their feet stomp rapidly, leaving foot tracks in the mud. The masses cling to each other for support; their eyes washed of color and emotion.
As an English major, I hope to one day influence others through my writing and have readers extract a deeper meaning from what they have read.
I am excited to continue my journey as a writer and learn from the best at UW!
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