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The Perks of Being a UW Student

February 20, 2013

Seattle Bus

[Photo credit: flickr user Seattle Municipal Archives]

There are many advantages to being a UW student.  One, of course, is being able to call yourself a Husky for the rest of your life. But there are other great perks to being a student here at our wonderful university.

1. Bus passes!

Living in a bustling metropolis such as Seattle, the most efficient form of transportation is definitely the public transit. Added into our tuition, we have access to everything the bus system has to offer. Adventures in Downtown, the International District, Capitol Hill, and more are available at the swipe of your husky card.  To truly be a Seattleite, you must ride the bus and witness the interesting people-that later become fantastic stories to tell- that ride along with you.

2. Free computer software (Windows 7 and latest Microsoft software!)

Thank you, Microsoft! Another perk of being a UW student is the free software you have access to. This year, Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 were available; during late night papers, I was so thankful to have Microsoft correct the misspelled words and grammar errors caffeinated me contrived up at 2 in the morning.

3. Free visit at the Hall Health Center!

Every quarter, the Hall Health Center allows for one free visit (exam, procedure, check-up, etc). As well, there are free (or at least significantly discounted condoms) at your reach!

4. Burke/ Henry Art Gallery

Having a membership to the amazing Burke Museum and Henry Art Gallery allows your artistic side to finally indulge in some great pieces/projects the museum and gallery have to offer!

5. Discounts galore!

Being a Husky provides abundant benefits, especially when shopping and eating out! There are a plentiful amount of shops and restaurants that provide discounts. Here are just a few of them! For my comparative politics class, I was required to get a New York Times subscription but thankfully with my student discount, the price of the subscription was 75% off the regular purchase!

6. Free T-shirts everywhere!

Throughout Dawg Daze and other events around campus, the UW was very generous with their giveaways, especially free T-shirts and other UW apparel!

7. Free cable and internet!

As an on-campus student, I am able to access WiFi in all the UW buildings, as well as my own residential hall! Internet is essential for research papers, the occasional (or lots of) Facebook creeping, and distraction from the stress that is college. Cable is available with networks like HBO, AMC, Showtime, Disney, and much more. As a hardcore Game of Thrones and The Newsroom fan, HBO, in my opinion, was a necessity.

8. Free friendships!!

This may be a cliche, but friendships and close bonds with other students are not only free, but worthwhile. Already I have met amazing and incredible people who long lasting relationships with. College is the opportune time to meet great people and network for the future.

9. What are you favorite free things that the University has to offer?

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  2. December 14, 2013 9:40 am

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