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And We’re Back!

January 10, 2013
Denny under gray skies

Denny under gray skies

Goodbye first quarter, hello beautiful winter quarter! The stressful transition from high school student to a full time college student has now ended, and the second quarter of the first year here at UW has begun; there are no more excuses! After three weeks of relaxation, lack of productivity, and catching up with friends and family, the impending stress of tedious readings, attending classes, and studying for tests have already hit. I returned home a day before school would start with a fresh outlook on this quarter. It is a new year, and a new start!

The Milky Way and Andromeda are two important phenomena that will be explored greater as the quarter progresses in both my astronomy classes.

The quarter began with a high note as my 830am quiz section class was cancelled, so the only classes I needed to attend were my astronomy and politics lectures (Intro to Astronomy & Introduction to Comparative Politics.)  I am definitely excited about what these two new classes will bring. Astro 101 (Intro to Astronomy) is a fairly large lecture class with 300+ students. The workload for my class is not very heavy with reading quizzes every week and a curriculum heavily concentrated on lectures. My Poli Sci lecture, however, is a tad smaller with the curriculum heavily influenced by readings. The prof said to expect the readings to be difficult and she was definitely correct! My first reading took me more than a couple of hours to finish and it was only 10 pages! I wanted to truly comprehend the content and that required lots of rereading over the material. I can see that this class will be thought provoking and challenging; I’m both anxious and energized for what this class will bring for me this quarter. The next day, I attended my other Astronomy course (The Planets) which I have found to be less math based than my other. The lecturer has a fondness of rocks that is reflective in her emphasis on what the planets are made up of and the minerals/elements involved. I hope both of my astronomy courses will be able to work off of each other and in the end (hopefully) it will help me understand the subjects better.

Gray skies are common in Seattle especially during this time of year. Gerberding Hall.

There isn’t an overwhelming new aura among students in winter quarter than there was for autumn. I suppose more people are gloomy reflecting the Seattle weather; personally, I love the grey and cloudy skies. I am witness to more motivation as the fall quarter saw some abysmal grades that definitely need to be redeemed. There’s a mix of cheers and jeers overall. The end of the winter break saddens many faces, but it is a new quarter. New people, new classes, and new opportunities.

Proud to be a Husky,


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