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Resolutions for Winter Quarter

December 7, 2012
The Suzzallo Reading Room is a great place to study. One of my resolutions for 2013: study in silence!...and this is a good place for that

The Suzzallo Reading Room is a great place to study. One of my resolutions for 2013: study in silence!…and this is a good place for that

As the Autumn quarter finally begins to end, the Winter quarter of my first year at the University of Washington is soon to come! Registration of my classes has already come and gone– the weeks of planning beforehand for my courses, the persistent praying that occurred for the opening of the classes I wanted, the 5:30 am groggy wake-up, the 5:57 am click of a mouse for online registration, and then the quick satisfaction of finally getting the classes I wanted is now OVER!


I’ll be taking an astronomy course next quarter

There was a lot of thought and consideration put into my winter quarter classes. Yes, I want to have fun classes that I will enjoy, but I need to take classes that fulfill my requirements for graduation. I dread my upcoming science courses. The courses I have lined up for next quarter will meet my natural world requirement  (Introduction to Astronomy) and my QRS requirement (The Planets) for graduation. I’m also taking another introductory Political Science course (Comparative Politics) to satisfy the requirement for my major. I am most excited for this class by far as I love political science! Other factors that impacted my winter quarter schedule planning included professors’ ratings, conflicts with other classes I needed, and times of the classes.

With my new classes to look forward to, and my first quarter as a Husky coming to a close I have decided to set myself some goals so I don’t fall back into the habits I horribly fell into this year.

  • Keep the naps short and productive! Power naps are amazing and reinvigorate me, but naps lasting lasting more than 45 minutes tended to drain me and make me feel more exhausted.
  • Study in silence! Study groups can be incredibly productive, but I tend to become very distracted with others around me.
  • Don’t study in bed! I would fall asleep during my readings… no bueno.
  • Grab a snack! Fruit cups were my go-to snack while studying!
  • Make a check list! I did this frequently in my planner and found that every time I finished a task and crossed it off the list; the feeling of happiness and accomplishment overwhelmed me. It kept me organized as well.

Parnassus_StudentsSitting_Web_SEPT2011Hopes for the New Year! Because it is a fresh start and a new year, this is what I look forward to:

  • Joining a new club! Because my schedule will be more flexible and I will have more time, joining a club and meeting more people seems to be a great option during that free time!
  • Maintaining a strong GPA! I’m leaving my first quarter strong, and hope to continue this my second quarter!
  • Explore the campus! There are still some hidden gems within the campus– great spots for studying and/or eating. Parnassus cafe hidden under the Art Building is a great example!
  • Becoming healthier! I feel as if this is the universal new years resolution, and time and time again I fail to follow it. Hopefully this year will be a fresh start of a more fit me!
  • Enjoying what winter weather has to bring! The windy sweep, the torrential rain, the arctic cold…. bringing out the jackets and rain boots!
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