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Joining the UW Daily Newspaper

October 31, 2012

The UW Daily

The Daily Election Edition

The UW Daily’s Election Edition.

I recently I began writing for the UW Daily. Last week, I completed an article entitled “UW students raise awareness of issues on and off the ballot.”  In the upcoming election, higher education, women’s healthcare, legalization of marijuana, and same-sex marriage have taken center stage. With Democrats and Republicans vying for various implementations, students around campus have begun to vocalize their thoughts on such matters.

Interviewing representatives of the Students of Public health Engaged in Reproductive Rights Efforts Organization (SPHERE), the ASUW, and multiple students around campus, gave me greater insight into the wide variety of UW student opinions. I was fortunate enough to interview people representing many different voices on campus. With such contentious topics at hand in this year’s election, student voices are among the biggest in raising immediate concern  and working to bring about change. Everyone, including myself, has the chance to make a difference and to educate those around us.

I enjoyed writing an article that not only expressed student awareness, but educated the rest of the UW community about issues that will impact all of us in the log run.

I am honored to be part of the Daily Newspaper and being exposed to an environment that values journalism, while making a difference in the lives of UW students.

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