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October 26, 2012


I AM FREE! It is official! Midterms (also known as the most stressful week in  my college life so far) are over for me!

Last week, I suffered through my Political Science exam and today, I endured Environmental Science. I hope all the days of studying and cramming beforehand will pay off! There are truly no words to express the relief and happiness that I am feeling. Anxiety and stress build up greatly during the days (and weeks) prior to a midterm. Exams are crucial portions of your overall grade. Fail a midterm, you can quite possibly fail the class.

Though my midterms are over, my assignments for class are still looming over me. I have a 3-4 page research paper to write for my Enviro course and a 5-6 page comparative rhetorical analysis for English. My weekend will be full of fun….

Words of advice I learned from my first experience with college exams:

      • Cramming the night before is a no-no. I thought I would be able to do this for my Poli Sci Exam, but it didn’t work out. At all. I didn’t do this for Enviro and left the class feeling much more confident in my performance than last week when I took my Poli Sci test.
      • Great space is a great place. For some people this may be their bedroom, the study lounges in their hall, or the library.
Suzzallo Library Reading Room

Pick a comfortable place to study, like the Suzzallo graduate reading room

    • Give yourself a break. Throughout my studying, I gave myself snack breaks or “social networking catch up” breaks. If I were to study for five hours straight, I don’t think I would be able to stay sane.
  • Study with a buddy. Choose a study partner from your class that can help and discuss with you.
  • Flash it out. I usually do not make flashcards, but many of my friends have and have found them to be useful tools.
  • You’ve got mail. Because you won’t be cramming the night before… you have all week to email your professor or TA with questions about anything you are still confused with.
  • Don’t stress out! Exams are a bit nerve-racking, but stressing out is not going to help. Breathe.
  • Celebrate with friends after. You deserve it!

Proud to be a Husky,

Elizabeth Pring

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