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Tomorrow’s University Today

October 25, 2012

Meany Hall stage

Last Wednesday afternoon I was fortunate enough to attend the annual Presidential Address given by UW President Michael K. Young at Meany Hall.  His talk focused on introducing a new initiative called “Tomorrow’s University Today” to an audience of  regents, faculty, students (graduate and undergraduate), and the Seattle community.

Throughout Young’s speech, he was passionate about not only furthering UW’s success, but guaranteeing that the university would make societal impacts locally and globally. The UW is an ever-growing institution with boundless possibilities. He emphasized his belief  that individuals from within UW, and the UW community as a whole, will continue to have positive impacts on the world.  He identified three themes the UW would focus on in the coming years:

For more information, check out the Tomorrow’s University Today website.

President, Michael Young addressing the audience in Meany Hall theater.

A short Q&A session followed the hour-long speech detailing the plan.  Among the crowd was a sea of blue T-shirts, the day’s uniform for a group of members of the UAW who asked a contentious question relating to their tuition, and the mandatory payments they found to be unjust and unnecessary.

There was a a bit of an epiphany my friend and I shared after the Q&A session. After a frantic search for the bathroom (located below ground floor!) and cookies in hand, we realized that we were finally college students. The issues that the UAW brought up could potentially be the rights that we  would eventually fight for. The impact that the UW makes around the world are impacts that we will choose to either participate in or ignore. The direction the UW goes will be the direction we can choose to follow or steer away from. We were grown-ups, with grown-up problems and decisions; it was absolutely terrifying.

Proud to be a Husky,

Elizabeth Pring

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