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One More Voice for Beyond the Quad!

October 24, 2012

Ilona IdlisGreetings readers! My name is Ilona and I am Beyond the Quad‘s newest contributor. As it is my fourth year at UW, I am already brimming with positive Husky experiences–studying abroad in Prague, fantastic internships and the campus’s friendliest student clubs have made it all a blast. Luckily, I have a little bit more time to experience the wonders of college life before the unfeeling hands of graduation thrust me into the cold, harsh world of bonafide adulthood. In the meantime, I’m fortunate to share my discoveries with you.

But before I can avail you with tales about others, you should know a little bit about me. I’m a Journalism major, minoring in Political Science and the Comparative History of Ideas. Last year I joined UW Election Eye –a blog partnership between the Communications Department and the Seattle Times–which took my passion for storytelling and politics to thrilling, new heights. Alongside Chair David Domke and other UW faculty and students, I traveled to South Carolina, Nevada, Colorado and Idaho to cover the Republican presidential nomination primaries. I crashed green rooms, chatted with candidates–Gingrich and Santorum among them–and experienced the thick of national news from the ground. Now I’m continuing my journalistic exploits with an internship at the Seattle Weekly and hoping for future foreign correspondence opportunities.

When I’m not chasing stories, my time is spent indulging in frozen yogurt, Netflix marathons and comic books. If you have any recommendations for me–whether it’s blog content, TV shows or desert stands–don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

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