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Discovering hot spots for food and studying!

October 18, 2012

Adventures at U-Village!

I recently visited U-village and absolutely loved my time there! It was an afternoon of shopping, fun, and food. There were shops like, J. Crew and Gap (obviously, with a college budget I didn’t shop there), but other little boutiques! H&M had its autumn clothes on display and I went on a little bit of a rampage! Scarves, sweaters, and adorable hats to keep me cozy in this Seattle weather!

After an afternoon of shopping and Starbucks, I went to a restaurant called Boom Noodle. My friends ordered the Ramen, but I was never a fan of Ramen, so instead I opted for a delicious rice plate! It was absolutely fantastic! The sauce that was marinated over the meat was mouth watering and the vegetables were savory! If you ever want an afternoon or night of great food and vibes; invite your friends and check out Boom Noodle!


Later that week, I went to Cultivate which is located in Elm Hall. It was my third time going to Cultivate (it’s super convenient to use your Husky card to pay at the restaurant.) I ordered this:

Cute little pork sandwiches and tater tots. I would recommend the tater tots without garlic though,  but that’s my preference! If you haven’t checked out Cultivate, I highly recommend that you try it once! It’s located on West Campus, right next to Terry’s Eleven 01 cafe and Alder’s District Market.

P.S. Terry’s Eleven 01 Cafe has amazing pizza! Fill your appetite with this comfort food1

Studying, studying, studying. I have found that Suzzallo Library is the best place for me to study. Odegaard is another hot spot for homework and studying. Its 24 hour availability is perfect for a procrastinator like me!

I occasionally study in my hall, but have a tendency to get distracted by my other floor mates.

You would think that from this picture we were using our laptops for homework, but we used social networking sites and ate brownies (with Halloween sprinkles!) the whole time. Not a good use of our time.

Taking a break from the social aspect of your life to focus on school obligations is an enduring battle! I am doing my best to balance it, and as the weeks pass, I am getting better.

See you next week!

Proud to be a Husky,

Elizabeth Pring

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