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Two Weeks Down, More to Come!

October 8, 2012

A picture of me with a friend. I’m on the right.

Hello everyone! I’m Elizabeth, a new contributor to “Beyond the Quad.” I’m a  freshman at the amazing University of Washington. Go Huskies! I plan to major in Political Science and minor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies.  I grew up in Vancouver, Washington, but the transition from the suburbs to the city was exciting to say the least. I know, for many people, moving out and living on your own was (and still is) terrifying, but for me personally, I was completely over the moon to finally start a new chapter of my life. The first week of classes were filled with syllabuses, enthusiastic (and sometimes overwhelmed) faces, and of course, DAWG DAZE.

What is Dawg Daze? It was an action-packed two weeks of events at the UW campus. There were games, fun social events, and lots of free stuff! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

There were so many things to do!

  • Chocolate Fair at Burke Museum
  • Campus tours, and even a tour of the infamous “Ave”
  • Social gatherings (with free food!) from many of the UW clubs all over the place
  • Self-defense courses
  • A midnight carnival
  • A movie playing in The Quad
  • A concert featuring Chiddy Bang, and local artists
  • MANY opportunities for you to meet people and make great friends!


But my favorite event? A comedy show at Meany Hall featuring Chelsea Peretti and Pete Holmes! Meany Hall is the place to be if you want to be enthralled by the Performing Arts. Plays, dances, musicals, comedy shows galore!  That night was filled with uncontrollable laughter, inappropriate innuendos by the comedians, short shorts worn by UPS workers, and an opportunity to see one of the nation’s best comedians. It was definitely one of the best nights I’ve had so far at the UW.

But what is there to do after a fun day of adventure? Some of the best foods I’ve found so far are located by campus on the Ave! From pho to Indian to Middle Eastern delights, the Ave is one of my favorite resources to satisfy my hunger. Do you have any favorite spots I should try? leave a comment and I’ll add it to my list. And since you’re there, why not visit the U- bookstore to get some great trinkets? One of the things that attracted me so much to the UW was location, location, location. The hustle and bustle of Seattle will never bore you. Want to satisfy your hunger on campus? Imagine Whole Foods, but on campus…. there you have Alder Market. From organic fruits & veggies to deli sandwiches, Alder is a great alternative to the dining Halls located on North Campus and 1101 at Terry. Although, I’m a horrible cook, I  do attempt to make my own food; and there’s a plentiful stock of Top Ramen and Mac & Cheese to save the day!

One week and one blog entry down, so farewell for now, but stay tuned for updates every week!

Proud to be a Husky,


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