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Making an Impression – An Update from the Student Philanthropy Education Program

February 1, 2012

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a public forum with the UW Board of Regents William Gates Sr. and Sally Jewell. Their integrity and passion for higher education is inspiring. Despite the budget cuts, the tuition increases and the difficult economy, Regents Gates and Jewell have an incredible faith in the intelligence and strength of the UW student body. At SPEP we believe in the power of students to literally ‘change the world’. Let’s make the UW Regents proud and show the entire Seattle community that we care about our futures and are worth investing in.

Thousands of private donors are excited to invest in the UW because they believe in the power of higher education to transform the world. Every time you, as UW students, take part in research, create a piece of art, get involved in the community or participate in an RSO, you are creating the foundation of tomorrow’s success. If the UW wants the private sector to continue to fund our education, we must continue to demonstrate our worth in our actions and convictions! Apathy is not an option. If we claim to have a right to affordable higher education, then we have to fight for it! And if we think that the community has an obligation to support our education, then we must be willing to share in their sacrifice. Private donations are coming into the UW everyday. Just like Regents Gates and Jewell, the people of Washington believe in us. But our donors have high expectations for UW students and at SPEP we are committed to making sure that we surpass those expectations.

So while you may think that your only concern right now is getting that degree and leaving this school with as little debt as possible, I would encourage you to think again. Now this may just be the SPEP in me talking, but I truly believe that as students at the UW we have the responsibility of leaving our school better than we found it. Personally, I want to be able to leave the UW knowing that I contributed – that my attendance meant something. It is for this reason that I am proud to be a member of SPEP. Today’s leaders in business, politics and philanthropy are always looking to invest in tomorrow’s success story. We can be that success story. Join SPEP and all the other Huskies in giving back to the community. Let’s show the world what 40,000 Huskies can do!

Over the next few months, many members of SPEP will continue to post ideas about ways that you can get involved in leaving your mark at the UW. In spring SPEP will be celebrating private support and community engagement by hosting Philanthropy Day – expect free food, music and other exciting activities! Also, please make sure that you “Like” us on Facebook: and feel free to contact us at if you are interested in joining the UW SPEP revolution!

Until next time. Rutger Ceballos – SPEP Mar/Comm. Director

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