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December 13, 2011

I heart bloggingWell hello!  Yes, I know it’s been awhile since my last update but I have been quite the busy bee at my internship and boy do I have plenty of new things to share.  We last left off with my head spinning and me having a mini panic attack about all of the new responsibilities I’d have to be taking on that I had no idea how to begin.  But I’m pleased to say that over these past several weeks I’ve become quite the little PR girl!  I’m still handed never ending lists of various tasks but I’m not quite as clueless when I go about them, thankfully.

After my first few weeks of interning I realized that my internship involves quite a bit of writing.  For some of you this may be a quite disgusting concept, but for me I’ve been absolutely thrilled by this!  When I try to explain to people why I’m an English major I tell them I’m an English major because I genuinely enjoy writing and would much rather write for hours than study and memorize meaningless information for a test that I’m just going to forget anyway.  So there you have it: I’m an English major because I love to write.  Go figure!  So this made me realize that I have truly found the perfect internship.  I’m constantly writing Facebook Posts and Tweets (much harder than it sounds by the way…it’s hard to fit useful information into 140 characters or less!) and even blogging!  Yep, so I’m currently blogging about blogging…weird.

These blogs that I’ve been writing vary on the content.  First, I wrote a health and fitness blog for one of our clients.  While I’m not exactly the fitness junkie, I’m notorious for being a foodie.  So, what I do I do?  Spin this little blog on my strengths; I wrote a blog on all of the delicious (and healthy) fall super foods and how you can cook them.  Because I aspire to be a food writer or blogger I was just utterly tickled by this.  It’s so rewarding to do something you love to do!

Now I’m currently working on an entire series of blogs for a new Men’s Lifestyle blog that our company plans to launch within the next month.  You’re probably asking yourself why am I (a woman) writing for a Men’s lifestyle blog?  Trust me, this was quite the challenging thought.  But I have been told that the voice of these blogs needs to be from a witty, snarky female writing to men.  Did someone just give me permission to be overly sarcastic and blunt?  Yes, yes they did.  Well they didn’t have to tell me twice.  I was beyond enthused and got my creative juices flowing to start writing about everything from put downs on men with long hair to a lengthy lesson on how to properly treat your server in a restaurant.  Stay tuned for the rollout of the new website!  I’m absolutely thrilled.

Beside blogging I’m also partaking in much more classic PR tasks.  One of which was promoting an event to which I actually attended!  I Facebooked and Tweeted for days and finally got to enjoy the luxuries of the events with wine tastings, catering and free product goodie bags!  Oh the hardships of working in the PR industry…

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