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Finals are Coming Up…Don’t Make Yourself Stressed Out!

December 9, 2011

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of tired faces around the campus, and I myself am also one of them. Our finals are coming up again Huskies!

Different people have different ways of making their finals experience go smoother and easier. For example, some of them prefer to start their work quite early. As soon as they get the paper/presentation assignment, they begin to prepare for it; and also, they start to review for their exams two weeks ahead. In this way, they feel less stressed since the pressure has been released little by little every day.

Meanwhile, some people choose to join a study group instead of working individually, because they find it efficient and time-saving by absorbing intellectual contributions from other members.

However, some people neglect their work for a long time, and all of a sudden just two days before the deadline, find themselves consuming all their time, even sacrificing time for sleeping in order to get their work done. What’s worse, some of them may even get help from energy drinks to stay awake and energetic. In this case, anyone would easily feel stressed out and even burnt out, which to me is definitely not a wise idea.

Finals sure add much more extra work upon everyone’s already busy schedule, but since it’s unavoidable, we should really learn to plan things ahead and manage our time properly. Here are some useful ways to reduce your finals pressure:

Hope they’re helpful and good luck on your finals Huskies!!

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