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I’m a Big Girl now!

October 5, 2011

Well, my friends, last week marked the first week of my internship at Gruman & Nicoll and Social Werks Communications and I survived my first interning experiences!  I was so nervous. I fretted the night before, scrambling around trying to figure out the perfect first-day outfit and if you know me I’m not the type of girl to usually fret about such things.  But this being my first day at a big-girl-job I knew I needed to impress.  So, in typical elementary school fashion, I laid my best professional outfit out the night before to make sure I was ready and I tried to mentally prepare for my big day.

Porchlight CoffeeMy first internship “shift” was held at Porchlight coffee on Capitol Hill, the same place I was interviewed for the position.  I don’t really get around to Capitol Hill too much, but whenever I do I like the area and places a lot.  This particular coffee shop is extremely small but it has some personality with a big row of old records hanging out in the back and local art hanging on the walls.  The coffee is delicious too and it tastes even better  because one person brews the coffee from scratch for each particular cup, making it all the more special.  I actually felt a little over dressed in my sleek black pants, flowing belted top, cardigan and leopard print flats…oh well.

So, I arrived much too early for the sake of being punctual, ordered myself a soy latte and waited timidly over at a table in the corner with my laptop.  Finally when 9 o’ clock arrived, my interning supervisor and another intern arrived and I officially was starting my internship.  He started out by simply going over an overview of what the internship entailed, to refresh my memory.  The big parts that stood out to me were “All of our interns work hands-on with social media and work as if it was a real job”, “We meet very casually in coffee shops along Capitol Hill or the U-District” and, my favorite part,  “almost all of our interns leave the internship with real jobs.”  Even though I was merely listening to him talk, I was genuinely thrilled about this excellent opportunity.

Porchlight interior recordsAfter all of the intro talk, we transitioned to the other intern walking me through a list of social media sites they use to access and publish their tweets for their clients.  Yes, I know you are all thinking, “They showed you how to use Facebook and Twitter? How did you not know how to do that already?  You’re a college student for Pete’s sake.” No, no, no, no.  Since they are a big, prestigious PR firm (and this is all just new to me in general) they use sites to use those sites.  Are you following me?  It’s as if Facebook and Twitter were to have a celebrity/VIP headquarters, these sites would be it.  They operate and control Facebook and Twitter as you all see it now.  Pretty cool, huh?

Porchlight InteriorAs I’m sitting there like a little sponge, absorbing all of this overwhelming information about social media and public relations, my supervisor interjects and says, “Ok, I think I’d like you to just start some projects now.  You should open up a Word Document and copy down everything I’m saying, by the way.”  So I scramble to open up my computer and blank Word Document and copy down a massive list of tasks to complete for the end of the session.  We’re talking things like writing 3 Facebook Posts for this week, 2 tweets a day for the week, write a letter to a saxophone player who they would like to book for an upcoming event, and brainstorm for blog ideas for a men’s lifestyle blog that I will soon be the voice of.  My mind is having a mini panic attack while I’m processing all of this but on the outside I’m, surprisingly, still maintaining a calm and composed look.  I take a deep breath, smile and jump right in… feet first.

To be continued!

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