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Greetings, Huskies!

September 30, 2011

Hello, fellow Huskies.  My name is Ali, and I’m proud to introduce myself as a brand new addition to the UW Arts and Sciences blog for the 2011-2012 school year!  I’m currently a senior studying English and ready for one last exciting year before I graduate from the glorious UW and enter the real world.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first I have an entire year to complete that I want to enjoy to the fullest as a big senior on campus.


My life this year pretty much is going to entail being a studious English major what with reading novels and writing paper after paper, working my job at the UW student calling program, volunteering with the UW Student Philanthropy Education Program and cheering on Husky athletics in my free time.  I know, I know, it’s a pretty exciting life.  Well if all of that weren’t enough, I do have one more extra-curricular to add to the list for my senior year.  Yes, I am proud to say all of my hard work at my old job, Red Robin, paid off to get me an internship with a prestigious Public Relations firm based in Bellevue.  Ok…I’m kidding about the Red Robin part (although I have to admit I did spend some not-so-pleasant time working there once upon a time), but I am completely serious about the internship part!

After applying to multiple internship positions through my English department’s mailing list, one perfect little opportunity worked out and I am pleased to say that I will be working first hand with the PR business all year and getting hands-on experience in a real-life position. Since the PR industry and interning as a whole are completely new to me, I am going to chronicle my experiences this year as an aspiring PR woman and my final year as an English major at UW.  So I hope you’re ready fellow Huskies, it’s going to be one exciting year!

Until next time…

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