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Hello! This is Deborah Xu

August 12, 2011

Hello Huskies! My name is Deborah Xu. I am an international student from China studying Communication at UW. I’m also considering double majoring in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts. I’ve always been passionate about all kinds of art and that has to do with my cultural background.

I was born and raised in Yunnan province in southwest China, where 25 different types of minority groups mingle with the Han majority, forming a colorful variety of cultures and traditions that has enriched my view of the world, especially my appreciation for different styles of arts. My family is not Han, but rather Bai minority, which has its own distinct language, architecture style, costume, and tradition. I received a traditional education in the city where the Han culture and history is emphasized, but I have always been aware that my minority also has a long period of history as well as splendid culture, especially in the art field, such as high developed skills of painting, sculpture, architecture, and music. I’ve always lived in the Han area, but when I was a child, I went back home to the Bai area every year, and I saw many differences between my hometown and where I live.

Bai Batik

This is a Bai batik. Batik is a kind of art that uses wax to paint on the cloth. It has had a long history and is a traditional way of expressing Bai’s feelings and hopes about life. The works are mainly about people, especially women, who are working or dressing up; sometimes they can be animals that are important to the agriculture such as the cattle. Besides batik, we also have another kind of art – wood sculpture, which is generally done by men. The wood they carve on can either be the trunk or root of a tree. These works are not always realistic but often highly detailed. We believe that the more detailed a wood sculpture is, the more skillful the artist is. Bai architecture also has a distinct style; a traditional Bai’s house has white walls and a blue roof. The materials are mainly wood– no steel or concrete—and are therefore very environmental friendly.

Ok! So much about my culture. I’m looking forward contributing to the student blog with my experiences over the coming year! Enjoy!

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  1. martha kimbe permalink
    August 15, 2011 4:09 pm

    thats nice i like it

  2. September 26, 2011 8:54 pm

    Hi I’m Starling Shan. I have been to Yunnan a couple times, and it was very beautiful there.
    I am a senior in Communication and also an international student, haha, high-five. Hope you enjoy Seattle. It has pretty fascinating scenes around campus during fall, and I have done tons of photo shooting these two years =]

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