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Quest for Shortbread: Scotland 2011

August 10, 2011

Molly, a past contributor to the blog, is studying abroad in Scotland this summer. The program, Drama Scotland: Theatrical Futures – The Edinburgh Festivals, takes place at the famed Fringe Festival. Here’s a recent post from her blog that gives a glimpse into her experiences so far. Follow her blog, Quest for Shortbread, for more jealousy-inducing updates from across the pond. Have fun, Molly!

Read more about the program at the UW Study Abroad website.

So far I have seen a tooth pulled out, viewed a teensy bit of nudity, enjoyed Shakespearean & Chaucer improv, taken a lesson from a mass-murdering pianist in the Museum of Anatomy, and been lead out of a deathtrap rocket by a Russian man in his underwear. No, I have not suddenly started taking drugs — this is Fringe theater!!

1) While I haven’t had an incredible “MIND-BLOWING THEATER” moment yet, I’ve greatly appreciated the alternative forms of performance. My favorite was the killer pianist piece, where we were led into different sets at the University of Edinburgh Medical school. At one point we were in cots as the frightened conservetoire children while the pianist walked about us with surgical tools, and the final scene was in the Museum of Anatomy with giant dinosaur bones overhead.

2) The haunted tour was quite fun — nothing too spooky, but Greyfriar’s Graveyard was very picturesque in the midnight mist. Our tour wandered around catacombs that housed all of Edinburgh’s poor and squalor for centuries, as our tourguide told ghost stories.

3) In between shows, I stopped by the Museum of Writers — mainly glorifying Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns, and (my favorite) Robert Louis Stevenson. It was nestled in a 17th century townhouse, and my favorite part was the nook upstairs for writers to curl up and do their craft. I sat and tried my hand at some poetry — my, am I rusty!

4) Food update — chips (french fries) and curry sauce, black pepper sausage, pudding-cup style chocolate trifle, and TONS of tea! It’s not quite Italian gelato and buffalo mozzarella, but that might not keep me from packing on a few Scottish pounds. 🙂

5) Highlight of Saturday was an Ireland versus Scotland rugby game! Scotland won, with a score in the last four minutes of the game. The game started with fireworks and bagpipes, before descending into the organized chaos of rugby. For those of you who don’t know, rugby is football for real men — no padding, no clock stopping, and constant endurance! (I was happy to watch from the sidelines.) Post-game we missed the bus stop and ended up walking all the way home in the pouring rain. 🙂

6) Saturday night was topped off by a “view points” workshop taught by our TA, which was an extremely fun acting exercise of running around, impulse, dancing, and yoga-esque movement. I loved it! It’s crazy to me that I have this experience as a part of my education — I keep wondering about how I can incorporate it into biology!!

7) Sleepy day here — rainy, with another view points workshop tonight. I may coffee shop and write for a bit. 🙂 More plays, maybe some hiking, and the Edinburgh castle on the books for the week! I still can’t believe I’m here!

8 ) Miss you.

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