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UW students do Hollywood in Greece

May 18, 2011

As much as I love Seattle, the recent torrential downpours have me wishing for a change of scenery. Huddled inside to escape the dreary weather, I found myself (per usual) perusing Facebook.

I ran across several photos from a study abroad program in Athens, Greece during winter quarter 2011. Based on the pictures, this wasn’t a typical visit-monuments-and-write-history-papers study abroad program. The trip, sponsored by CHID (for those uninitiated, that’s Comparative History of Ideas), was titled “Speaking in Pictures: Feature Filmmaking in Athens, Greece.”

Filmmaking in Greece? Hmm…tough decision…

UW Students in Greece

image via Brendon Beardsley

The goal of the program–according to UW lecturer Taso Lagos–was to create a full-length film that could be submitted to national and international film festivals. The 23 UW students on the program were responsible for all aspects of the artistic process, from scripting and blocking scenes to acting to filming. And a key component is that these students were not all Drama or Cinema Studies majors. In fact, only two had any background in filmmaking before embarking on the program. Necessity must be the mother of invention, because–despite their relative lack of filmmaking experience–within three months, the students had a produced a 50-minute rough cut of the film.

George's Bag - Janitor Fantasy Scene

Image via Athens News: the Janitor (William Poole) punishes George (Tavis Hamilton)

The comedy, entitled “George’s Bag,” follows the relationship that develops between an immigrant who becomes stranded at the airport after losing his passport and an edgy fellow traveler. Talking to one of the students who participated in the program, I learned that the film is currently being edited in Greece but should be finished this spring.

I’ll have to follow up with CHID and report back… Anyone want to attend a screening of “George’s Bag?”

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