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Top Ten Reasons to go to IMPfest

May 5, 2011

image via Improvised Music Project

I previously mentioned my penchant for Top Ten lists, and now I finally get to prove just how much I love them. If you haven’t heard, this week will showcase the Seattle concert series, IMPfest (April 30-May 7), brought to you by the U-District’s Improvised Music Project–and if you have never of the IMP, all the more reason to read this week’s Top Ten! So, in honor of their musical offerings, here are a few reasons why you should check out IMPfest:

1.       The Improvised Music Project has garnered major buzz. They were recently written up in Earshot Jazz’s April newsletter, which serves as Seattle’s source for local jazz info. Last August, The New York Times wrote about them. And I’d venture to say most people have heard of that newspaper before…

2.       The growth of the Improvised Music Project is inspiring. It started as a club–or Registered Student Organization, for anyone picky about the details–here at the UW, full of students interested in playing their own, unwritten music. But since it’s inception in 2008, the group has blossomed beyond the university community and incorporated the entire Seattle music community. And it’s still an RSO, for those wondering.

3.       IMPfest presents bands featuring UW students and alumni, as well as renowned national and international artists.

4.       IMPfest is taking place all over Seattle. From venues in Capitol Hill, Wallingford and–of course–the U-District, you can hear Seattle’s best improvised music across the city.

5.       IMPfest features several prominent UW professors, including 2010 Distinguished Teaching Award winner Cuong Vu and School of Music Director Richard Karpen.

6.       IMP’s Facebook page describes their music as “badass,” (direct quote, I swear). That alone is worth checking them out.

7.       Performing improvised music requires incredible talent. I mean, think about it, they’re improvising!

8.       The music of IMP is inspired by genres beyond jazz, including electronic, rock, and classical. In other words, IMP fest offers something for everyone.

9.       Your arm probably needs a break from all the fist-pumping that accompanies today’s Top 40 hits anyway. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and most things put out by Chris Brown legitimately leave me a little winded.

10.   IMPFest is free! And we all know that the best things in life are free.

Please visit the IMPfest page of the IMP website to view the lineup and schedule for April 30-May 7.  If you do check out a performance from the IMP, let me know your thoughts!  You can also catch IMP at Café Solstice on the first Friday of every month.

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